Stroke Me

Available next week, Intimacies 1: Stroke Me has a new cover and blurb:

Stroke Me

Should she, or shouldn’t she? After learning she’d been deceived by a pretend dom, Jennifer’s offered a tantalizing vacation on the east coast with a respected Master in the BDSM subculture. Michael Dougherty’s a man she’s longed for. When opportunity knocks she agrees to the trial run as a submissive. After all, given the chance, would you dare to indulge in your wildest fantasies?

Although she has no real-time BDSM experience, Master Mic is the real deal. Bondage. Discipline. Dominance. It’ll be his task to make sure things stay under control.

But is Jennifer really prepared for the initiation into the erotic world of submission Master Mic presents? Will sub frenzy get the best of her?

Get Intimacies 1: Stroke Me at Changeling Press on May 2!

Perfect Surrender is out!

Perfect Surrender is now available at Changeling Press:

Perfect Surrender

Victoria’s given up on finding the perfect connection with a Dominant. After all, who wants a woman who’s walked away from a well-known and respected Sir and brings a male submissive along as part of the bargain?

But sometimes finding what you want is the easy part, and surrendering to the moment is the difficult part. How will she be able to find love and have a fulfilling ménage relationship with two hunky and completely different men when her pride threatens to get in the way? Does she have the kind of courage to admit past mistakes and believe in second chances?

Upcoming books

Good news! I have signed new contracts for upcoming books and the book list has been updated with information about these titles and their release dates.

Also, check out the covers for Rumpel’s Claim and His Pleasure! Rumpel’s Claim will be out at Changeling Press next week, and His Pleasure is scheduled to release at Razor’s Edge Press (Changeling Press) at the end of August.