Upcoming books

Good news! I have signed new contracts for upcoming books and the book list has been updated with information about these titles and their release dates.

Also, check out the covers for Rumpel’s Claim and His Pleasure! Rumpel’s Claim will be out at Changeling Press next week, and His Pleasure is scheduled to release at Razor’s Edge Press (Changeling Press) at the end of August.

Release date for Quintet and a new book

Quintet will be released on April 7! Get it at Razor’s Edge/Changeling Press next Saturday.

Nicole has a lifelong fantasy — a sexual quintet. Her boyfriend, Kenny, agrees to help her fulfill her fantasies, but there’s a catch. Kenny has a fantasy of his own — one that involves handcuffs and just a little bit of pain.

Melyssa also contracted a new title at Razor’s Edge Press. His Pleasure is slated for a July release.